Tricia Day [JJ Da Boss Wife] Age, Birthday, Wikipedia Biography.

Though she is most commonly known for being the wife of JJ Da Boss, it’s fair to say that Tricia Day can hold her on a racing track. Like her husband, she is an accomplished racer on the show street outlaws. Racing is clearly something that is inherent in the household. Tricia possesses all the qualities one needs to be an accomplished racer.

She is skilled, charismatic, outspoken and bold. Taking risks is second nature to her. As such, it has seen the star win several races. Today, we will examine a few aspects of JJ Da Boss’ wife Tricia Day’s life. How old is Tricia Day?.

Tricia Day Net Worth, Salary.

The Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that race car drivers make somewhere in the region of $16,020 to $166,400. Though her exact salary and net worth are not known, we can assume that it has to be pretty high.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Tricia Day net worth is currently not available

Street Outlaws cast Tricia Day net worth is currently not available

This is not counting her earnings on her popular reality show. Let’s not forget that stars on television can earn as much $10,000 for every episode they feature in. So Tricia’s net worth has to be vast. Her husband, Jonathan Day, has a reported net worth of $1 million.

How old is JJ Da Boss Wife Tricia Day?

Although her exact Birthday is not available, for Tricia Day’s age, reliable sources claim that she is in her mid-40s.

Career info.

Tricia Day’s street racing name is Midget. This perhaps stems from her tiny frame. Much like her husband, Tricia started racing from a very early age.

Midget was an instant hit, from her very first foray on to the asphalt. Alongside her husband, she steadily rose in rank and reputation. The star was one of the crews on her husband’s pack of drivers. They did anything and everything to win. As such, they became a force to be reckoned with.

JJ Da Boss’ wife Tricia’s life and career took a major turn when her husband was sent to prison for causing an accident. All of a sudden, she lost her partner and leader.

The crew was not the same without JJ. Regardless, they did not less this break them. Tricia continued to make waves on the streets. When her husband got out, the pair went on to feature on Street Outlaws, Memphis.

Image of Tricia Day from Street Outlaws show

Tricia Day from Street Outlaws show

The show focuses on JJ, her family, and friends as they take to the streets in Memphis. Apart from reality television, Tricia also helps her husband run their repair shop, as she knows her away around a car.

Tricia Day is JJ Da Boss Wife.

The beautiful racer is, in fact, a married woman. Her husband’s name is Jonathan Day, better known by his street name, JJ Da Boss. The two were long-time lovers before they decided to tie the knot and have been married for well over a decade now.

Image of Tricia Day with her husband JJ Da Boss

Tricia Day with her husband JJ Da Boss

Tricia helps JJ Da Boss raise his 11 kids and 5 grandkids. Of the 11, we are not quite sure which ones Tricia gave birth to, but suffice it to say, she treats them all like her own children.

Image of Tricia Day with her husband and with their kids

Tricia Day with her husband and with their kids

The couple’s married life has not always been easy. Let’s not forget, they had to deal with JJ’s eight-year incarceration.

Can you imagine not seeing your spouse for eight years? Some people would go as far as seeking comforts in the arms of new lovers. And so the fact that they stayed together during these trying times was a testament to their undying man.

Tricia Day supports her man through and through, and he supports her. No wonder they make such a good couple. Presently, the two reside in Memphis, Tennessee with their entire family.

Tricia Day Wikipedia Info.

Full name Tricia “Midget” Day
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
Profession Television personality, Race car driver, Reality Star, business owner
Net worth Unknown
Wife Jonathan Day (JJ Da Boss)
Kids 11
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Car of choice 66 Chevy Nova, 01 Pontiac Firebird

Tricia Day was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Going by nationality, this makes her American. Not much is known about the star’s early life, save for the fact that like her husband, she fell in love with racing right from a very young age.

Her passion would take her to the streets of Memphis where she continues to dominate. Like her husband, the midget is a very accomplished driver who can hold her own in the crew. She isn’t afraid to throw down in the tracks and never backs away from a challenge.

This makes JJ Da Boss’ wife Tricia Day a very formidable driver on Street Outlaws. She has gotten better and better with each passing episode. Besides street racing, the star also makes time to focus on her children. Family is at the core of her values. Tricia Day Wikipedia page does not exist.

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