Doc from “Street Outlaws” Net Worth, Wife, Married, Age Wiki-Bio

James Love is a famous streetcar racer. He is popularly known as Doc, a name made famous from his time on Street Outlaw.

This is a show that runs on the Discovery channel. There are hundreds of shows that follow streetcar racing, but Outlaws beats them all. 

Landing a role on the show brought Doc from “Street Outlaws” into the limelight, propelling him to the very top. Fans all across the world tune in every week to watch them.

It’s surprising how many people are streetcar, racing enthusiasts. Read this to know Street Outlaws Doc Net Worth and his wife.

Doc Street Outlaws Net worth.

The racer has built this wealth from his earnings on the show. It is not very clear how much money he earns at the end of every episode he shows upon.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Doc net worth is $550,000
Street Outlaws cast Doc net worth is $550,000

The show is yet to make any communication in regard to his salary. It is a matter that we are left to speculate on.

However, we conclude that whatever Doc earns from the show generates a good income for him. His net worth is evidence of that.

The Street Outlaws is a show that has enhanced the income of its cast. It is believed that they are paid handsomely.

In the 1970s, the reality star developed an interest in vehicles. His parents at that time had a car, a 1977 Monte Carlo, which they gave him on the condition he drove his siblings to school.

The star’s passion for cars grew, and he enrolled at a school where he studied diesel mechanics.

Image of Doc from Street Outlaws show
Doc from Street Outlaws show

Doc was at the very top of the mountain, before losing to Shawn and then Daddy Dave. He now has a powerful 1970, Chevy Monte Carlo, which he calls the street beast.

The racer expects to outdo his fellow costars. He has set great plans to retrieve his rightful spot at the top again.

At the very least, the driver wants to be on the top ten list.

Street Outlaws DOC net worth is $550,000.

James Love Married to Wife Judy Love.

James Love is married to his high school girlfriend, Judy Love. They got married in April 1990.

The two had a blissful marriage that has lasted for nearly three decades.

Image of Doc with his wife Judy Love
Doc with his wife Judy Love

They are seen together on several photos, each one as blissful as the next. They have two beautiful daughters together from their marriage named Ashtyn and Haley.

The couple seems to be enjoying their marriage, bypassing several storms in the last 33 years. So far, there are no signs of trouble.

Everything seems to be going just fine. Doc is not a scandalous celebrity. He has managed to keep his family together and happy.

Wiki-Bio, Age.

Born in Oklahoma, the city of street racing, Doc developed a passion for cars at a very young age. He is famed for being a street beast, a name he gave to one of his racing cars, the 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

The reality star really loves the car. It has given him a competitive edge throughout his racing career.

James was born in the late 60s, making him one of the racing veterans on the show. He was raised in a low-income family.

The star always narrates how hard he has had to work to get to where he is today.

Street Outlaws Doc was born on February 19th, 1969. This makes him a senior racer of 54 years old.

He was born in Moore, Oklahoma. His childhood days were riddled with a lot of problems.

The driver’s dad was a concrete construction worker. James narrated how his family once almost starved to death.

With only some cornbread and beans to push them through winter, they went hungry for many days. Once winter was over, and summer came, he had to walk several kilometers to find clothes for the school.

The problems he faced fueled his ambition to excel. Discovering the ghostwriter hausarbeit concept, akin to a ghostwriter’s support, helped refine his strategies. This was pivotal as Street outlaws cast DOC channeled this ambition into his racing career, learning to drive and compete fiercely.

Full name James Love
Street Name Doc
Date of birth February 19, 1969
Place of Birth Moore Oklahoma
Net worth $550,000
Career Streetcar racer
Nationality American
Marital status Married
Ex-wife None
Current girlfriend None
Children Two daughters (Ashtyn and Haley)
Height Not known

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  1. It was nice to see in the beginning but not one of those cars are street cars. All those shows are staged the cars are professionally built the engines cost 50000 dollars and above. Blocking off roads so they can race with those vehicles is inviting accidents to happen. Those vehicles are doing around 200 mph and ets in the 4 second range on the street. I am all for it if there were more safety protocol’s for drivers and spectators

  2. I have been following you and Dominator since the beginning of Street Outlaws. Very pleased that you have recovered from that horrific accident and am anxious to see whatever monster you are building for next season. The only thing I ever raced was a turtle with one leg.


    Ned Evans


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