Jeff Lutz Net Worth, Wikipedia Bio: Meet his wife Christine.

If you are familiar with street outlaws, then you know Jeff Lutz who is popular for being a drag racer. He has been a legend in the car racing industry for quite a while.

He is also into business with his son, and they help each other in making cars. Jeff has been known to be at the top of the most-watched tv-series street outlaws until recently when tables turned.

Jeff Lutz also holds a record in the hot rod drag week. Read this to know Street Outlaws Cast Jeff Lutz’s net worth in Wikipedia-type biography.

What happened to Jeff Lutz? Is he still on street outlaws?

Street outlaws is one of the famous TV series in America. It began back in 2013 and has aired ten seasons, which have 10-15 episodes in every season.

The show mostly focuses on illegal street racing. Some cast members of the show had some worries about the authorities, but they have never clashed with them ever since its commencement.

Jeff Lutz used a Mad Max car for his racing career. Racing had to end for him by the ninth episode.

The show announced that Pro Mod cars would no longer be ranked top 10 on the list.

Later on, in 2017, Jeff Lutz and his son Jeff Lutz Jr built another car.

Image of Jeff Lutz from Street Outlaws show
Jeff Lutz from Street Outlaws show

“New” 1957 Chevy was designed to gain the chance to go back to street racing. The heavy car has a twin 98mm precision turbo and 540 cubic inch motor.

Big Chief was the one who nixed all promotes from the list. Currently, he is back in street laws and aims to be the king of street outlaws.

Street outlaws Jeff Lutz Net Worth.

Apart from racing, Lutz also runs an automobile company. Here he works closely with his son to innovate new models of vehicles in the market.

This proves that he is making a good amount of money from it. Jeff Lutz has a net worth of $3 million.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Jeff Lutz net worth is $1.5 million
Street Outlaws cast Jeff Lutz’s net worth is $3 million.

Jeff Lutz Cars.

Currently, Lutz drives a 57 Chevy. Apart from that, he runs a hot Rod shop called Jeff Race cars.

He owns a  1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The car has high-quality features that make it suitable for racing.

It has gear vendors overdrive and a twin 88mm Precision turbos. Mostly, Jeff Lutz refers to this car as the Mad Max.

Image of Jeff Lutz car
Jeff Lutz car

Jeff also owns a 632 CI Big Block Chevy popularly known as the beast. All his vehicles have one common feature, which is the 88 mm precision turbo and gear vendors overdrive.

Lastly, Lutz owns a CMC, but he has rarely been spotted using it.

Jeff Lutz Married to Wife Christine Lutz.

Jeff Lutz is currently married to Christine Lutz. They tied the knot back on July 31, 1989.

Their relationship has been fairing on pretty well. There have been no reports of fights and extramarital affairs.

In line with their marriage, they have a son, Jeff Lutz Jr. He has been spotted in numerous events with his father.


His son Jeff Lutz Jr is also known to be a lover of cars since he works with his father in the shop. The age of his son is not known, but judging from the looks, he is in his early twenties.

Street Outlaws cast Jeff Lutz is also active in social media and posts pictures of his admirable family, which he has managed to create a strong bond with them.

 Jeff Lutz, Age, Family, and Early Life.

  • Jeff Lutz was born on May 5, 1970. All we know is that he has a brother whom they are in good terms with. Details of his parents and other relatives are not known.


  • One fun fact about this family is that they were not that much interested in cars. He gained interest in cars at an early age in life, during his teenage years.


  • Jeff Lutz’s brother also inspired his interest in cars. He bought himself a Camaro after coming from the gulf war, where he served as a marine. His brother was generous enough to let him drive his car. Jeff was not cautious with the authority despite knowing that he did not have a driving license. At one time, he was caught driving without a driving license. This landed him in trouble since he lost a chance to get a driving license for a long time.


  • Jeff Lutz’s first car was a 74″Nova hatchback. His father bought him this vehicle after seeing his passion for loving cars. Later on in life, he opened a hot rod shop, which became the platform to his massive business, “Lutz race cars.” The company is doing great for he has a lot of customers who want their cars fixed or modified.


  • In Lutz racing career, he has one close friend called Scott Murray. Scott acts as his co-pilot in the race events.

Jeff Lutz Wikibio

Full name


Jeff Lutz
Birthday 15, July 1970




Racer, reality Tv star
Marital status


Married to Christine Lutz


Net worth


$3 million



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