Street Outlaws: Memphis Cast 2023.

Street Outlaws: Memphis, is a reality series that chronicles the activities of JJ Da Boss and his street racing family based in Memphis. The show is a spin-off of the series, Street Outlaws.

However, unlike its parent show, the main focus is on JJ and his team. When the reality show premiered on the Discovery Channel, it became an instant hit.

That’s in part because JJ and his team have built a reputation of honesty and strict adherence to the rules of the game. Buckle up your seatbelts as we race to Memphis to meet the cast of the show.

About the show.

Street Outlaws: Memphis is a series that follows the car racing activities of the Memphis Team led by JJ Da Boss. The team members are adrenaline junkies whose primary weapons are powerful muscle cars boasting big numbers.

As aforementioned, the show spans off from the show, Street Outlaws, which premiered in June of 2013. Street Outlaws: Memphis made its on-screen debut in January 2018.

The show was received well by audiences the world over, and Discovery renewed it for a second season in October 2018.

However, during the season, the show was rocked by a big scandal. Jonathan Day, aka JJ Da Boss and his friend, was accused of assaulting a racer couple who had been invited to film for the show.

Allegedly, they beat the man whose name is Chad Larkin so severely that his girlfriend, Genny, thought that he was going to die. Genny also accused the duo of beating her up too. Consequently, the couple filed a lawsuit against the Discovery Channel.

Notwithstanding the scandal, Discovery couldn’t help themselves renewing the show for a third season. Thanks to its high ratings and popularity, season three was released in September 2019.

The season ended on December 2nd, 2019, with ten episodes successfully aired.

Since Street Outlaws: Memphis is the gift that keeps giving, the producers of the show slated its season 4 release on March 23rd, 2020. In total, the show has put out 54 episodes from 2018 to 2020, and it doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon.

JJ Da Boss.

JJ Da Boss, whose real name is Jonathan Day, as aforementioned, is the leader of the Memphis Team. Jonathan was born in August of 1973 in Memphis, Tennessee. His love for cars goes back to when he was a young boy growing up in Arkansas.

Consequently, JJ started participating in street racing in the area as young as the age of 10 years on dirt and gravel tracks. JJ is one of the team’s most experienced racers. His car of choice is his 1966 Chevy Nova.

Presently, Street Outlaws: Memphis cast JJ ensures that his team sticks to the guidelines and regulations of the sport. Moreover, he ensures that the team conducts every race with integrity and great honesty.

Thanks to his exceptional leadership, honesty has become ubiquitous in Team Memphis.

Image of Street Outlaws Memphis Cast, JJ Da Boss
Caption: Street Outlaws Memphis Cast, JJ Da Boss

JJ is estimated to be worth about $ 2 million. His wealth is sourced from his earnings from race wins, selling his merchandise, and from the show, Street Outlaws. His annual salary is estimated to be about $40,000.

Jonathan has been featured in 54 episodes of the hit show since it premiered on Discovery.

Looking briefly at his personal life, JJ’s wife is Tricia Day. Tricia is nicknamed ‘Midget’ and is also a racer.

The two have been married for the past 10 plus years. JJ made the revelation in an earlier interview. It seems JJ loves kids as much as he loves cars because he is reported to have 11 children.

It is worth nothing that the 11 children are not all Tricia’s.  JJ is also a granddad to 5 grandkids.

JJ has also found himself in the long arm of the law during his life. He reportedly spent 8 years in jail, but he has since reformed. Despite having reformed, JJ is the same man who was accused of assaulting Chad Larkin in season 2 of the show.


Doughboy is JJ Da Boss’s son. Without a doubt, the apple never falls far from the tree, and this couldn’t be truer for Doughboy’s case. The Street Outlaw star has his dad’s adrenaline-filled blood rushing through his veins.

Consequently, Doughboy is making a name for himself in Team Memphis. Doughboy has become a formidable racer and has won several races. He uses his cash prizes to improve his car to make it a lethal racing weapon. His car is a 1973 Nova.

Doughboy was once involved in a horrific accident that saw him lose control after actually winning a race. Thankfully, he walked out of the crash unharmed. Apart from being a street racer, Doughboy is also a dad of two.

He is married to Chelsea Day, whose street-racing nickname is Chelarilla.

Street Outlaws: Memphis cast: Jeff James.

Jeff James is one of the most experienced racers in the business. He started racing as soon as he was able to drive.

Jeff is a childhood friend to JJ Da Boss, and their love for cars only serves to bring them even closer together. He is skilled in driving in very challenging roads that other racers lack the prowess to maneuver through.

His racing weapon is affectionately named ‘Big Block Killer,’ and boy, it lives up to its name. The car is a 1996 Corvette sporting a wide tire set, and a nitrous pack to boost its small block’s output.

Brian Britt.

Brian Pritt has years of experience when it comes to street racing. Since his high school days, Brian has been getting street racing cred.

Aside from racing, he also modifies and builds cars. His car of choice is a 1967 Chevy Nova. Brian named the car ‘Assassin.

Not only does the car have a badass name, but it also has some badass horsepower. According to Brian, it is the fastest car on the streets of Memphis, and we’re not sure we doubt his claim.

Street Outlaws: Memphis cast: CARP.

Justin Carpenter, who is nicknamed ‘Carp,’ is an experienced racer. He and JJ Da Boss have known each other for many years. He drives a Chevy Camaro, which he has named ‘Sexy.’

The car is, without a doubt, the sexiest and cleanest looking racers in the streets of Memphis. With a massive air scoop on its hood for its turbos, this car is just a winning machine.

Carp recently upgraded his ride with a two-stage direct port system, and it seems to be paying off.

Mustang Mike.

Mike Gage, aka ‘Mustang Mike’, is a skilled racer of Team Memphis. This guy is possibly the biggest Mustang lover racing through the streets of Memphis. He has a jaw-dropping 7 Mustangs in his collection.

One of the rides was involved in an accident but, thankfully, Mike was able to walk away from the crash to race another day. His car of choice, or should I say his Mustang of choice, is a 95 Mustang.

When his top pick was involved in the accident as mentioned earlier, he returned with a new one with the same make and year.

Dennis Bailey.

Street Outlaws: Memphis cast Dennis Bailey initially didn’t call JJ ‘team leader.’ The two had met up to pit their rides against each other in a race. They were driving cars that were similar that day.

`Consequently, it seemed that a clear winner was up in the air. Well, that’s before Dennis left JJ in the dust.

As it turns out, their cars’ similarities were only skin deep and superficial. Dennis’ car was lighter and way faster. After the race, JJ and Dennis bonded and became great friends.

Bailey would later join JJ’s team to claim his stake in Memphis’ race wins. With decades of racing experience since the age of 16, Dennis is the man for the job. He drives a 2001 Camaro SS that has been tricked out with nitrous boosters.

Image of Street Outlaws Memphis Cast, Dennis Bailey
Caption: Street Outlaws Memphis Cast, Dennis Bailey

Kenneth Gulley.

Kenneth Gulley is the son of a former street racer, and the sport is flowing in his veins. The car enthusiast has been racing for over 25 years, and it seems he’s not done yet.

Over the years, he has owned fast race cars that have cost him an arm and a leg to build. He currently drives a 2003 Chevy S10 that he has nicknamed Bounty Hunter. The car features a nitrous pack and a big block.

Street Outlaws: Memphis cast: Donn Gingrich.

Donn Gingrich is a formidable street racer on JJ’s Memphis Team. Aside from loving the adrenaline rush that comes from racing, he is also a business owner.

However, his business doesn’t steer away from his passion for cars. It provides car transmissions, and the profit it makes is used to finance Donn’s street racing passion. Donn’s vehicle of choice is a 2000 Firebird, and boy does it pack some heat.

The vehicle has seen many racers part with their money after losing to Donn.

Jamie Otts.

Street Outlaws: Memphis cast Jamie Otts is an integral member of JJ’s team in the mean racing streets of Memphis. The weapon he brings to racing battles is a 1955 Chevy that is painted in-cab colors.

The car looks sluggish and laughable at first sight, but that is before it unleashes all its big block’s horsepower.

It is so formidable that it has been named ‘The Killer Cab.’ Without a shadow of a doubt, the race car has killed many racers’ hopes of winning against Jamie.

 Lee Roberts.

Lee Roberts is a strategizing racer who adapts his vehicles to cope with the specific Memphis streets he will be racing through. He is known for being consistent in his craft.

Lee drives a 1973 Nova that he has named ‘Night Force.’ Roberts is an asset to JJ Da Boss’s team thanks to his skills and wit.

Image of Street Outlaws Memphis Cast, Lee Roberts
Caption: Street Outlaws Memphis Cast, Lee Roberts

Jason Ainsworth.

Street Outlaws: Memphis cast Ainsworth boasts of decades in racing experience. With skills honed since his teenage years, you can bet that he is a force to reckon with.

He has been friends with JJ Da Boss and Jeff James for many years, and this has made their team even stronger. Jason doesn’t forget to bring his well tricked out 1969 Camaro in the street races.

The car that he has nicknamed ‘The Prosecutor’ is sure to throw weak competitors into humiliation jail.

Street Outlaws: Memphis Female Cast.

If you still think car racing is only for men, you are wrong. There are many female racers who are equally or more qualified than men. Have a look at Street Outlaws: Memphis Female Cast.

Tricia Day.

Tricia Day, aka ‘Midget,’ is JJ Da Boss’ wife. JJ and his wife have proved that a family that races together stays together.  Tricia got her nickname as a result of her small stature.

However, don’t let that fool you. Whatever Tricia lacks in physical size, she makes up for with lightning-fast speed. That’s in the race track, of course.

Tricia can take on just about any racer, including her hubby, JJ. Armed with a 1966 Chevy Nova affectionately named Heifer, Tricia is just the lady for the job.

Street Outlaws: Memphis cast Tricia was introduced to street racing by JJ after they met. However, she did attend street races on Sundays since she was young.

Most people in Memphis attend races on Sunday as opposed to going for Sunday brunch, as is the custom of other people living elsewhere.

Image of Street Outlaws Memphis Cast, Tricia Day
Caption: Street Outlaws Memphis Cast, Tricia Day

Tricia also works in the show with her childhood friend, Precious. Precious is also a formidable racer, just like Tricia. Aside from being a formidable street racer, Tricia is also a mom to three daughters and a son. Tricia’s 4 kids are among JJ’s 11 children.

Precious Cooper.

Another Street Outlaws: Memphis Female Cast is Precious Cooper.

Precious Cooper is nicknamed the ‘Queen of the Street.’ She was given her nickname due to her win against Chuck in season 9 of Street Outlaws. Cooper was born in Florida, United States, on June 3rd, 1989. She has honed her racing skills since she was 19 years of age.

This gives her invaluable experience in the sport. Precious is JJ Da Boss’ cousin and also his wife’s friend.

Her interest in racing was sparked by seeing JJ race when she was a teenager. She then approached JJ to be her mentor, and the rest is history, as they say.

Street Outlaws: Memphis cast Precious drives a custom-built 1949 Ford pickup truck tricked out by JJ.  The Street Outlaw reality star is estimated to be worth about $100,000.

Little is known about her personal life. Thus, her relationship status still remains under the wraps.

Interestingly, Cooper is the godparent to JJ’s children.

Image of Street Outlaws Memphis Cast, Precious Cooper
Caption: Street Outlaws Memphis Cast, Precious Cooper

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