Street Outlaws Chuck Seitsinger had COVID 19. Status Update.

Since its declaration as a world health pandemic by the World Health Organization in late 2019, COVID 19 has brought about the new normal way of life. It has affected every aspect of human life.

Many celebrities have also taken it to social media to confirm that they contracted COVID 19, the latest to do so is Street Outlaws Chuck Seitsinger.

Chuck Seitsinger’s Covid Update.

Chuck has a fresh post on his Facebook page, confirming that he has COVID-19. It’s a picture of him in a hospital bed with diagnosis machines in the background and a mask on his face, covering his mouth and nose.

It’s probably a selfie photo. In the caption, he states how he contracted the disease in his line of work.

Chuck Seitsinger continues to say that he has a healthy family and more reliable friends with him as he battles the disease. He closes the post by requesting prayers from his fans, not only for him but for the whole world, and signs out with an assurance that he will see them real soon.

Image of Street outlaws cast Chuck Seitsinger affected from COVID 19
Caption:  Street outlaws cast Chuck Seitsinger affected from COVID 19

Fans reaction and need NOT to worry.

His 5000 Facebook friends and fans that time have reacted real quick to shower him with warm messages of ‘get well soon.’ The post is merely 3 hours old at that time but already has 1000 likes, 800 comments, and 500 shares, and the digits are still trickling in.

Here are few samples of the messages from fans, JC Ingram ‘Sending prayers up for a complete & speedy recovery Jason Clifton ‘Get well soon Chuck, You are a tuff bird.

You got this. Take your time and heal up. We’ll see you at the track soon. ’ Others have sent memes and emoji’s that will keep him entertained.

Here is why his fans do not need to worry. Statistics show that 99% of the infected people have recovered, only one percent have denied, and this number is composed of those with underlying conditions and aged 60+ years.

Well, Chuck indicated that he has bronchitis and pneumonia, but that he is only 50 years old, so he is not in critical condition.

The probability of Chuck Seitsinger recovering from Covid is high. He is a sportsman with a sound immune system and a fit body.

There is also a lot of positive energy from his post. We hope to see him post the good news in the next couple of days. His children, family members, and his fans won’t stop praying until he gets back to do what he does best in the streets of Oklahoma.

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