Chuck Seitsinger From ‘Street Outlaws’ Net Worth, Wife, Married, Age Wiki-Bio

Chuck Seitsinger aka Chuck is well known for his amazing streetcar racing skills. His name became popular from the streetcar racing show, Street Outlaw, earning him a good income.

He was born in Oklahoma, on February 18th, 1970. He is, therefore, 53 years old, making him an experienced car racer.

Street Outlaws’ Chuck Seitsinger is an ardent user of social media, where he posts a lot of photos with his family. The racer has two siblings, named Dustin and Kimberly.

Unfortunately, any information about his parents isn’t accessible to the media yet.

Chuck from Street Outlaws Net worth.

Chuck Seitsinger has a net worth of $650,000. This wealth is mostly derived from his Street Outlaw earnings. It is not very well known how much he earns from the show as he hasn’t publicly spoken about it.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Chuck Seitsinger net worth is $650,000

Street Outlaws cast Chuck Seitsinger net worth is $650,000

The reality star is known to be a secretive man in matters relating to business. Like many other Street Outlaw cast members, not much is known about his earnings.

However, it is easy to estimate his salary from the cast due to public knowledge of some of the other members’ earnings.

Chuck from Street Outlaws acquired a technician certificate from the Honda Factory that he once worked for. He kept on growing in the Ford ranks and went on to acquire the highest level of qualification as a Honda Factory Trained Service Advisor.

Chuck then started modifying his current car in 2001.

The racer drives a 1989 Ford Fox Mustang, which he has modified a lot; even featuring a Chevy engine powered by a supercharged turbo. The Mustang started off as your average car, before transforming into one of the fastest cars in the country.

Today, it is very popular in the world of racing.

The man is not only a very successful racer, but also owns a business, Chuck Seitsinger Racing. Just before he joined Street Outlaw, Chuck had tried his luck at the Death Trap Mustang as a side project.

Image of Chuck Seitsinger from Street Outlwas show

Chuck Seitsinger from Street Outlaws show

He was not very successful, and so he dropped it. Chuck from Street Outlaws is said to have tried his hand at several other business ventures, such as importing commodities and reselling them.

The reality star did not experience a lot of success in that too. It’s fair to say that the racer’s career has had its share of ups and downs.

Chuck’s breakthrough came when he was invited to Street Outlaw as a cast member. This would go on to boost his earnings.

At the least, his long winding road to success had borne fruit for him. There are many racers who would have wished to be on the popular show.

The show has increased his fortunes immensely, giving him a steadier income, beyond what he used to earn before. The show has also boosted his business and name within the racing circles. The star is revered by many of the show’s fans.

In 2004, he was named the NRDA Rookie of the year, which is a highly placed professional achievement. This was given to him by the NOPI Drag Racing Association. He also won the 2004 Nitrous Express P/4 XBBOX Cup Championship in the four-cylinder division.

Image of NDRA National Championship Chuck Seitsinger

NDRA National Championship Chuck Seitsinger

He also earns a steady income from his car repair shop for advanced motorsport cars.

Chuck Seitsinger Wife

Street Outlaws, Chuck Seitsinger had been married to his longtime wife. Sadly, not much information is available about his wife for the reason that it isn’t accessible to any media yet.

However, as a result of their love to each other they have three daughters. The eldest one named, Chelsea Swanksinger, is said to be studying Veterinary medicine from the University of Oklahoma.

He seemed to be a very committed family man, who was seen to take a lot of photos with his family.

Image of Chuck Seitsinger with his wife and with their kids

Chuck Seitsinger with his wife and with their kids

However, Chuck parted ways with his wife and is now dating a new girlfriend. The story behind the split was due to his abusive habits to his wife, and children.

The media stories point out that his wife’s family, went to court to have her get custody for their children.

Street Outlaws Chuck is Dating a New Girlfriend Elisa Noelle.

After the split with his wife, Chuck Seitsinger from Street Outlaws is now dating his new girlfriend, Elisa Noelle. He has gone on to confirm the news about his new soul mate, who he has been dating from July 2018.

Elisa shares a love for racing cars, and more so the Mustang, just like Chuck. This seems to have been what sparked the love between them, a passion for cars.

Image of Chuck Seitsinger with his girlfriend Elisa Noelle

Chuck Seitsinger with his girlfriend, Elisa Noelle

Elisa is said to have had hands-on experience in the car industry, where she worked at the aftermarket performance sector as a designer. She has a passion for design, media, and writing.

Elisa owns her own design company, Urban Heart, in Monroe, Louisiana. She has two lovely daughters from another marriage.

We shall keep updating ourselves about the relationship, and we will keep you informed on any new developments.

Wiki-Bio, age

Chuck Seitsinger is 53 years of age having been born in 1970.

His passion for cars blossomed while he was still young, 16 years old to be exact. Born in Oklahoma, his love for cars was given a big boost.

Chuck would watch a lot of streetcar racing shows in the city. He was a student of Edmond High School, where he graduated in 1988.

Two years after graduation, he got a job at Honda as a vehicle technician. He later switched to racing as a career. The star is a racing veteran among his other cast members on the show.

Full name Chuck Swanksinger
Street Name Chuck
Date of birth February 18, 1970
Place of Birth Oklahoma
Net worth $650,000
Career Car (Ford) Technician and Street Car Racer
Nationality American
Marital status Married
Ex-wife None
Current girlfriend None
Children 3 daughters (Chelsea, Madelyn, Miranda)
Height 5’7


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