Kamikaze Chris from “Street Outlaws” Net Worth, Wife, Wiki Biography.

The name Kamikaze has a bad connotation to it.  Chris Dave, aka Kamikaze, must have hit the sport of street car racing pretty big. 

The racer has a strong character, evident as he works extremely hard in the sport. He is a good friend to Justin Shearer, aka Big Chief, who is the king of street car racing.

Kamikaze was a streetcar racer, even before he was brought to fame by the Discovery Channel show, Street Outlaws. He is famed for his aggressive driving skills.

We shall be looking at his personal life, net worth, marriage, age, and Wiki biography in the following paragraphs. Continue reading to know about Kamikaze’s life.

Kamikaze Chris Net Worth.

Chris Kamikaze from Street Outlaw has a net worth of $300,000. He earns a substantial salary of $30,000 for his appearance on every episode.

The racer works very hard on the show, evident as he has slowly risen in the list and developed his net worth.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Kamikaze net worth is $300,000
Street Outlaws cast Kamikaze net worth is $300,000

Kamikaze Chris’ income has slowly kept rising, as he continues racing. He started making an income when he joined the show in its third season.

Thanks to the mentoring of his friend, Big Chief, his career in sports has rapidly progressed. The racer can now make a living from a passion he has harbored all his life.

He started racing on the show in the third season. Chris’ interest in racing began when he was young.

At a young age, he owned a darting bike.

His childhood friend Big Chief then introduced him to racing cars. It was Kamikaze who nicknamed Justin Shearer, Big Chief. In time, the star dropped his darting bike and began concentrating on-street car racing.

Image of Kamikaze from Street Outlaws show
Kamikaze from Street Outlaws show

Their friend Tyler, who owned a racing car, gifted it to Big Chief, who then passed it on to Kamikaze. Their friend Tyler died, and they have very fond memories of him.

Before he begins any race, Kamikaze always honors their late friend. Tyler appeared with Big Chief on the first episode of Street Outlaw and is fondly remembered by his fellow cast members.

Kamikaze Chris from “Street Outlaws” owns a real fast and robust race car. He currently drives a 1983 EI Camino.

The racer has nicknamed it “Elco.” This is the car he inherited from his late friend, Tyler Priddy.

This car makes his race without the fear of losing. He is very grateful to Big Chief and their late friend for enabling him to get into the famous circle of street car racing.

Is Kamikaze Chris Married to Wife? Or Dating a girlfriend?

Being such a celebrity and with such prowess, it is thought that Kamikaze’s life would be well known by his fans and the public. The man, Chris, is such a secretive person, that no details about his marriage life are publicly known.

Image of Kamikaze is currently single
Kamikaze is currently single

From the research undertaken on the media platforms, it looks like he doesn’t have any lady in his life as of now. The star hasn’t at any point even on the show, come out to speak about his love life.

Further research doesn’t show us any children as well. This leaves us at the point where we conclude that Kamikaze Chris could just be a streetcar racer, who has concentrated on building his name and career before getting involved with a family.

To conclude, Kamikaze is not married to his wife.

Kamikaze Chris Wiki, Bio, Age.

The mystery around Chris is much bigger because there is still minimal information about such things as the year he was born, age, and birthday.

No website or social media platforms outline any information about him. He hasn’t spoken about this even on street outlaws.

The much we know is about Kamikaze Chris’ parents and close association with Big Chief, the king of street car racing. We hope that with time, these details will become public for us to compile them.

We also hope he will speak more about his life.

Full name Chris Dave
Street Name Kamikaze
Date of birth Not known
Place of Birth Oklahoma
Net worth $300,000
Career Streetcar racer
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed race (American and Taiwanese)
Marital status Not known
Ex-wife Not known
Current girlfriend Not known
Children Not known
Height Not known

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